Hakuna Staff Scheduling Software

Hakuna's state of the art staff scheduling software is designed specifically for restaurants, hotels, bars, retail stores, and medical/health care providers. Essentially any industry that writes employee schedules every week can benefit from Hakuna. Managers and employees rave about how intuitive and easy Hakuna is to use. Keep reading to learn how you can improve the efficiency of your business.
Online Scheduling Software
As a web based scheduling software program, Hakuna offers you all the convenience and fortitude of the 21st century. Employees and managers alike can access Hakuna's online schedule maker from any internet connection in the world, providing 24 hour access to view, edit, and create new employee schedules in seconds. Modern businesses are moving to online scheduling software to increase productivity, while reducing costs.
Easy Schedule Maker
Hakuna takes the labor out of writing a schedule. Staff scheduling that used to take hours for a manager can now be completed with the click of a button. Functions such as employee profile, phone list, ideal schedule, permanent shifts, and request off, make Hakuna supremely user friendly for management and employees alike.
Effective Employee Schedule Maker
Hakuna's staff scheduling software eliminates the guess work in putting together a schedule by methodically filtering through the available staff to find each shift's perfect candidate. Our online employee scheduler features an equalizing rotation of shifts, thus putting a stop to constant revisions of the employee schedule. Email updates keep management in control of the employee schedule, but also provide new freedom to the employees.
Schedule Writing Software
Hakuna's specialized scheduling algorithm was designed by two restaurant managers to create the perfect employee schedule every time by combining the mind of the manager with the superior processing speed of a computer. Each schedule goes through a multi-step filtration process that ensures the perfect employee will be assigned the appropriate position or shift. The scheduling algorithm acknowledges any requests and schedule demands, predetermined by employee and manager alike, and then selects candidates based upon an equalizing rotation of shifts. Never before has such revolutionary technology been available on the market.
Hakuna is currently offering the use of its revolutionary software for FREE in an attempt to meet the individual needs of your business. We are confident that once you use Hakuna, it will become a permanent solution to your employee scheduling needs for years to come. Select your FREE package below to get started today!
Who Uses Hakuna?
Hakuna for Restaurants
Learn how restaurant managers use Hakuna as employee scheduling software to boost their efficiency.
Hakuna for Health Care
Hospitals, Nurses and Health Care providers are all using Hakuna to better manage their scheduling.
Hakuna for Retail Stores
Retail stores are using Hakuna for worry free schedule writing.
Voice of HakunaI never realized how much time I dedicated to managing my employee schedule until Hakuna came into my life. Now I can spend my time on the floor and my staff is happier too!

Manager, Stephani's Restaurant
Real Time Email Alerts
Hakuna is proud to offer real time email notifications for managers & employees.
Medical Staff Scheduling Software
Medical teams every where can use Hakuna to schedule their employees.
Revolutionize Staff Scheduling
No longer write your schedule by hand, try Hakuna!
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