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Restaurant Scheduling Software

Hakuna offers a new and exciting breakthrough in restaurant scheduling software!

The Buzz!
Restaurant Scheduling Software Now Available! The big buzz going around the hospitality industry is focused on Hakuna scheduling software and the impact it is making on how restaurants are handling their employee scheduling. With their ingenious “self-generating” capabilities and user friendly approach to restaurant employee scheduling, Hakuna has placed themselves at the forefront of a revolution in technological advances.

No fuss!
Never before has an employee scheduler made the process of creating an employee schedule so streamlined. Hakuna’s patented algorithm takes the intricate thought process of a seasoned restaurant manager and combines that knowledge with the superior calculations and speed of a computer to ensure that the perfect schedule is written every time. With Hakuna, the restaurant schedule is written in seconds rather than hours, leaving the manager time to be on the floor, rather than in the office.

By taking advantage of the conveniences that come with internet access, Hakuna has freed the restaurant manager from the confines of the office and allow them to publish and monitor the schedule at their leisure from nearly anywhere and in no time flat. Have a phone with internet access? Then you can publish a schedule. See a sign for free WIFI? Stop somewhere for a cup of coffee and approve a few employee requests or generate a schedule. Employees and Employers alike can check the schedule at anytime from anywhere. With Hakuna scheduling software, there are no limits!

On the Floor
Where would you rather see your management team, on the floor interacting with guests and ensuring the smooth and lucid flow of your restaurant, or in the office cringing over the next week’s schedule? That’s right, with Hakuna you can minimize the time your managers are spending off the floor and get them back into the game. Hefty paychecks are going to the men and women that you want running the show. So do what is best for your business, and sign up for Hakuna!
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Get it right the first time!
Hakuna scheduling software is quickly being recognized as the new standard for restaurant employee scheduling. With its multi-step filtration process, Hakuna is able to ensure that the right employee will be selected to fulfill the restaurant’s staffing needs every time. Employee Scheduling Software Ever notice how the schedule never looks the same at the end of the week as it did at the beginning? Hakuna takes the steps necessary to minimize the need for those changes throughout the week.

The Over/Under
By methodically following a template designed by the employee scheduling manager, Hakuna fills every position in every department to your restaurant’s exact needs. Schedule writing becomes an exact science rather than an ongoing guessing game when you utilize the systematic precision of Hakuna scheduling software. No more double scheduling multiple employees for the same shift. No more wondering when the five o’clock server is going to show up just to find that one was not scheduled. You will know you are covered when Hakuna is writing your employee schedules!

Seasonal templates
The schedule writing process begins by designing specific templates that determine exactly how many positions are needed in each department for each day of the week. While most weeks are pretty standard, needing only one template, Hakuna gives you an unlimited amount of templates so that you can meet your business needs with ease. Does business pick up around the holiday season? We have a template for that! Does a bit of sunshine open up your wonderful patio? We have a template for that! Does the big game fill your sports bar with cheering fans? We have a template for that! Hakuna provides you with the tools to meet the demands of your ever changing business needs.

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It is Fair!
Not all shifts are created equal, but with Hakuna’s built in rotation feature, employees are given a fair chance at receiving an equal share of the best shifts. Often employees grow disgruntled by finding themselves working the same shifts day in and day out. Restaurant Employee Scheduling Software This is typically the result of the scheduling manager just not taking the extensive time necessary to rotate the shifts properly. With Hakuna scheduling software, your staff will be given the right schedule rather than just an easy one.

Permanent Shifts
Restaurant managers love Hakuna’s ability to assign a specific shift to certain employees, to ensure that there will always be an appropriate representation of strength on the floor. While the rotation feature creates a perfectly balanced distribution of the shifts, there are always those certain employees that you want on the floor at specific times. One of the perks of being a senior staff member is getting the schedule you want, right? Hakuna thinks so, too! That is why permanent shifts can be assigned wherever the scheduling manager sees fit.

Save Labor $
Being able to control exactly how many employees are on the clock means that you gain greater control over your labor costs. Hakuna gives you the power to stagger the "in and out" times so that your business is properly staffed when needed and only when needed. The same goes for management scheduling by eliminating the several hours a week needed for writing the schedule, you can keep their hours down as well.

On Time!
How many times have you found yourself working well past close and still needing to put together next week’s schedule? If you are anything like us, it has been too many times. While it is a pain for the managers, it is also very frustrating for the staff to not know what the coming week has in store for them. Hakuna’s one click generating capabilities take the schedule writing process from the long and time consuming process and makes it as quick and painless as possible.
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Want to go on vacation? No problem!
Managing the vacation requests of employees is a breeze with Hakuna scheduling software! All requests are submitted online at the convenience of the employee, and processed by the scheduling manager as they see fit. Manage your Restaurant Schedule from the Beach The manager also has an opportunity to respond to the request with an explanation if so desired. All requests made by staff are stored in an archive which is accessible by the scheduling manager at any point. With a click of a button the scheduling manager can approve or deny any request made by an employee, and then Hakuna does the rest. When that particular schedule is being generated the algorithm will recognize the approved request and grant that particular employee the time off.

Give your employees what they want!
Hakuna scheduling software empowers the employee to create their own availability and maintain current contact info through their personal profiles. Restaurant scheduling managers know how difficult it is to keep up with the ever revolving availability of their staff members, but those days are behind you with Hakuna. Each employee is assigned their own profile where they can adjust their availability accordingly so that their scheduling needs can always be met.

The Digits
These employee profiles also allow management and staff alike to maintain current contact information so shift exchanges can be accomplished with minimal effort. In addition to their email address, staff can provide multiple phone numbers and times when best to be reached. This information is presented neatly in a categorized phone list that is broken down by department and accessible by all staff members.

Hakuna recognizes the importance in keeping an archive of all past schedules as well as approved and denied requests. The scheduling manager has unlimited access to schedules from last week, month or year.
  • Can’t remember how many servers were on last 4th of July? Hakuna does.
  • Can’t remember how many Friday nights Stacy has taken off? Hakuna does.
  • Can’t remember how many shifts Jim can work each week? Hakuna does.
Take the guess work out of schedule writing, and let Hakuna Scheduling software show you how easy it can be.

Going Green!
We at Hakuna are strong supporters of the green movement, and are excited to be doing our part to minimize unnecessary waste. By making schedule writing a digital process, we can lessen our reliance on office supplies and excessive paper usage. Just think of how many sheets of paper are used to write and rewrite the schedule. How many pens, pencils, paper clips and staples go into the process each week? How many sheets of paper are needed to turn in request off forms and how many times the staff has to write down their schedule to take home with them? By simply changing the way the schedule is written and posted, you too can help to make strides in extending the sustainability of our planet.
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Why Hakuna?
With Hakuna scheduling software, restaurant managers are relieved from the painstakingly tedious job of writing an employee schedule. Rather than spending hours developing and managing the schedule, their valued efforts can be put towards the guests and ensuring that their presence is felt on the floor rather than the office. The hospitality industry is entering a new age of service and sophistication, and Hakuna scheduling software is at the forefront of that new age.